Upgrading Doogee X5 Max Pro to driver new LCD screen

Doogee X5 max or X5 max pro has OTA Update to latest Android 6.0 OS. If you don’t do that, you need to upgrade to Android 6.0 version to driver a new LCD screen by Flashing the ROM.You can get the latest ROM  from:

X5 MAX Pro:https://www.needrom.com/download/x5-max-pro-firmware/

Doogee X5 Max LCD Screen

Doogee X5 Max/Max Pro LCD Screen

 Here is a guide on how to flash the ROM for X5 max pro LCD screen.

Step 1: Run “install.bat” from the driver ( https://mega.nz/#!osgC1IIC!4SITuG6yqkgizdiO-zElzsUjxEPeZxjUZciIiZDTVLM ) on your PC like the picture;

Install driver

Step 2: Run “flash_tool.exe” from Flashtool link on(https://www.needrom.com/download/doogee-x5-max-pro/),Set the flash tool like the follwing picture ,

Step 3: Uncompressed x5 max or x5 max pro ROM. Choose”MT6737M_Android_scatter.txt”, in the ROM,Then set “Firmware Upgrade”

Doogee X5 Max Pro Flash


Step 4: Click “Download” Button, then put the battery in your x5 max pro, connect it to PC by usb cable.

Step 5: Your PC will recognise your phone to install driver in Step 1, then red bar will show until downloading ok in several minutes. Then restart the phone and wait few minutes to enter new OS.

After Flashing the new ROM, you can test the screen before installing it on the frame. You can also see “About Phone” about its android version.


Test the Screen before installing it on the frame

Test the Screen before installing it on the frame

Doogee X5 Max with latest Android 6.0 Version

Doogee X5 Max with latest Android 6.0 Version

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