No big Black Side on the Bezel of Silver/Gold Redmi 4 Prime

With 14nm octa core 2.0Ghz CPU Snapdragon 625,Xiaomi Redmi 4 prime is an excellent model on keeping balance on performance and power consumption.But it also used to be controversial on its shape in Silver and gold color.

Redmi 4 Prime Bezel

Like the picture above, we can clearly see the big black side on the bezel in the old version whick make Silver/gold redmi 4 prime snapdragon 625 little ugly on the appearance.


redmi 4 prime black side

Now, Xiaomi Qualcomm Phones had made change from 2017.1.11 in the latest annoucement .New silver/gold redmi 4 prime will be with the bezelĀ  in tiny black side.It will be a good news for those who like the both colors.


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