Doogee X5 and X5 Pro for not working replace LCD

Because Doogee change parts frequently,most of their model need to flash ROM to install right driver when user wants to repair or replace the parts like LCD display.

Doogee X5

Here are simple steps for flashing ROM for Doogee X5 and X5 pro (x5 is with MTK6580 CPU and X5 pro is with MTK6735 CPU. But their LCD and touch digitizer are same ):

1.    Run “install.bat” from the driver (!osgC1IIC!4SITuG6yqkgizdiO-zElzsUjxEPeZxjUZciIiZDTVLM ) on your PC like the picture;

Install driver

2.     Run “flash_tool.exe” from (!RkYmhDCC!Ol5_4BPMW-8FDg__oDyDkJdKGjJ3PAtaXj52kHhnRK4),Set the flash tool like the follwing picture ,

3.1     For X5 pro, choose“MT6735_Android_scatter.txt” choose” from X5 pro ROM(!t1ojiJrb!Ol_Lp4cqSQmut8pkt-JzwPROepmdNqAHX3QlHj4lgdc). Then set “Firmware Upgrade”


3.2       For X5, please choose “MT6580_Android_scatter.txt” from X5 ROM ( (because x5 has many version,this is a mainly-used ROM.please check your phone’s inside label before flashing this ROM)

4.     Click “Download” Button, then put the battery in your x5 or x5 pro, connect it to PC by usb cable.

5.   Your PC will recognise x5 or x5 pro to install driver in Step 1, then red bar will show until downloading ok in several minutes. Then restart the phone and wait few minutes to enter new OS.

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