Lenovo Lemon K31-T3 2GB RAM Review

As a popular branch of lenovo smartphone, Lemon K3 already has different versions like K30-w,k30-t,k3 note. Now, two new models,Lenovo K32 and Lenovo K31 had been launched.They only support GSM network,but their hardware is good in their price.

Not like lenovo k32 (k32c36) with light metal body, k31(k3s) still use plastic material like k30w,k30-t.

lenovo k3s

Lenovo k31 has MSM8916 Quad Core, Android 5.0 Lollipop, 2GB RAM+8GB ROM,2300Mah BL242 Battery,2MP+8MP Camera,Play Store,dual GSM SIM, 5″ HD Screen and multi-languages.

Here are the screenshots from lenovo k3s.2GB RAM is useful on OS running.

Lenovo k31 Screenshot_2015-01-01-08-14-07-174 Screenshot_2015-01-01-08-15-21-328 Screenshot_2015-01-01-08-15-39-129 Screenshot_2015-01-02-17-57-08-379 Screenshot_2015-01-02-17-57-18-542 Screenshot_2015-01-02-17-57-31-594 Screenshot_2015-01-02-17-58-05-679

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