How to save a Android phone’s battery life?

Nowadays, the screen size of a android phone becomes bigger and bigger,but most manufacturer don’t equip a larger battery for their product to enhance the duration of using time. Many android phones’ battery can last no more than one day which make many user confused.

If your model is not a large battery android phone , How can you save your android smartphone’s battery life? If you have common sense, Cutting the screen brightness off, openning data connect,GPS,WiFi when needed. But it is not enough.

Due to many popular Apps like facebook,whatsapp installed from Play store, they still run in background even when you close/quit them.They will take so much energy scretely that you thought the battery was defective. You will not uninstall these frequently used Apps, but you can install tool to essentially control the OS and extend battery life,here are two Apps recommend:

1. Du battery saver:;

2. 360security:

You can also get them from Play Store too

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