Cube U55GTS Talk 79S Fireware and Flash

The gap between tablet pc and smartphone is not obvious now,especially when Mediatek extend their mobile CPU to fix for tablet pc use.More and more tablet pc phones are on the market.And Cube U55gts,talk 79s is one of them.

cube talk 79s


Here is the official ROM:

And the flash steps are:

1. Download  ROM,uncompress the zip file

2. install driver  on your PC.If your PC is with windows 7,use this driver:

3. set the flash tool (  like the following picure by using the .txt file as “Scatter-loading” in the ROM

Cube Talk79s Flash

4. click “Firmware upgrade” button, then connect your talk 79s to PC by using usb cable. Then the flash tool will run to ok.

If the flash tool don’t run, please check the COM port in “Device Manager” on your PC

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