How to flash Your MTK Android Phone?

You maybe have a android phone wih MTK chip from China. When your phone’s OS has problem,need to upgrade OS or change lcd screen or touch screen, you have to flash the ROM by using flash tool sometimes. Today, we take Star Ulefone U9501 as an example

First, you need to enter the factory mode to check the version of your U9501. The step is like: Power off your phone, then press volume down key and power key at the same time,don’t loose the volume down key until your go into this page.

MTK phone factory mode

Using volume key to choose “Version”,then press the “Home” key, you will get the your U9501’s version like that:

u9501 version in factory mode















You will find its back camera is ov8825_mipi_raw,  front camera is gc2235_raw,  LCD screen is RX_499NT_603A and so on.Record it,then take off the battery

It is right time for flashing your u9501 now.The steps are:

1. Install driver on your PC:  or use AdbDriverInstaller.exe

2. run this multi-port flash tool (, and set the flash tool by using u9501 rom like that:

u9501 flash tool

3. click “start all”,connect your u9501 to your PC by usb cable, then put in the battery, the flash tool will run until ok.     If flash tool don’t run,please check your PC’s device manager to check driver for your phone is ok or set the port

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