S9920 and Its Touch Screen

S9920 is hottest Samsung i8190 copy phone.It is used with MTK6577 CPU and fake android 4.1.1 (real 4.0). Now, because Mediatek’s CPU had been upgraded,the manufacturer had to use latest mtk6572 dual core CPU on it. The OS also updated from Android 4.0 to Android 4.2.2 and add gesture function on the OS.

s9920 mtk6572



S9920 mtk6572‘s touch screen is different with s9920 mtk6577. This situation happens frequently on these copy phones.The manufacturer always change these parts like touch screen,LCD screen,camera from different supplier in different batch.If your ss920 is with MTK6577 CPU like the picture

s9920 mtk6577


and want to repair the touch screen digitizer like

s9920 touch screen












You need to flash the special ROM on your S9920 MTK6577 to install right touch screen driver.

Please don’t flash this ROM if your mtk6577 s9920 don’t need to change a new TP

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